About the project

Our project will focus on improving students long term physical and mental health through developing enthusiasm and motivation for taking an active part in sport and outdoor games. This is our focus because as technology has developed our children increasingly communicating with each other
through a digital media. This has led to many children wanting to spend their leisure time in front of technological devices instead of playing outside and making real-life friendships. This can have a negative influence upon their physical and mental health. This project aims to promote the advantages of outdoor games and sports and to encourage our children to play these games outside.


The project will aim to:
Increase the participation of pupils in sport whilst decreasing their focus on digital media as a source of leisure activity.
By so doing increasing their academic progress and attendance and increase in pupil satisfaction and enjoyment in sport.
Positively develop pupil’s life skills and attitudes which will help them resolve conflict and integrate more in society. Thus reducing negative mental health issues.
Pupils to be involved as far as possible into the development of a school’s curriculum to make it more relevant and purposeful.
Develop pupil’s participation and leadership skills so they can lead and be the model for other pupils.
Train and develop non-teaching staff to work alongside pupil leaders to ensure all pupils at break times can access quality games and sport.
Develop a school curriculum that is cross curricular and purposeful, which involves the pupils.
Enable quality training through exposure to different national curricular and pedagogies


Project Co-ordinator (PC) – co-ordinates the project at group level
• Ensure all timescales and objectives are completed
• Agree and set all agendas for the mobility’s
• Hold Local Schools Coordinators(LSC) accountable for the completion of the objectives
• Produce a termly report for Heads of Schools
• Monitor objectives/tasks and re-adapt if required through group consensus
• To be the central avenue for communication so that all communication is not missed and shared
across the group
• Produce advice or support where necessary
Local School Co-ordinators (LSC) –
• Responsible to ensure the local objectives have been carried out within their school.
• Communicate and prepare reports for PC termly for mobility’s
• Organise and manage local group meetings/ set agendas and delegate tasks for completion
Specific Project Leaders (SPL) – responsibility for specific elements
• The development and local input of Groups resources on Project website
• Manage and co-ordinate the eTwinning porta


The project would be available for all schools to share as part of the success objectives of the project.

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